Sunday, March 10, 2013

RL HACKERS ONEHITCF 12.1 ---10/03/13

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                                                      CROSSFIRE FUNCTIONAL 
                                         AL / IN / PH / FG / UK / EU / VN / FG / TW

                           Onehit ZM / ZA MOD (with 1 shot kills in zombie mode)
                           No Recoil (perfect shot STRAIGHT)
                           No knock back (No Damage When Falling From Loses High Place)
                           Long Knife (Knife Range)
                         Add Weapon Damage (Increases Strength Of Your Gun)
                         Fly [Shift] (Hold shift to fly)
                       AFK BOT?? (You is not moved to the lobby for inactivity)
                  Wall Hack / See Ghost (Shows players on the walls and ghost) to
                  In Reload Pro (Caregamento faster)
                 Fast Change (Swap your weapons faster)
                 Fast Shoot (a Weapon Charges in 1 Second)
                Bone Draw (Shows the skeleton of players)
             Full Balo-Ammo [V] (V Press and may change item like a purse hack)
               Change Knife (Weapon of weapons hack)
                Auto HeadShot (Aimbot)
              HeadShot Type (Type Of Changes Aimbot)
             Speed ​​Hack [Shift] (Hold Shift To speed)
              Under map (Staying beneath the earth)
               Anti boom (Pumps not take damage)
            CrossHair (Mira precision)
                   Invisible Hack [F] (Press F to be invisible and to return to normal V)
                    No Bug Damage (Not when you take damage buga on a map)
                  M16 ---> (for M16 Weapon)
                Fast Knife (Knives For Speed​​)
              Knife Round 360 (The knife kills all who are around you)
                M700 ---> (Weapon for M700)
           In Fall Damage (Nao loses damage when falling from high places)
              Jump Hack (Pulos higher)

1 Extract the contents of the file: 12.1 OneHitCF RL Hackers 13/03/10;

2 ° Open the file OneHitCF 12.1 (if using Windows Vista or 7 run as administrator);

Click OK 3 ° In the image that will appear

Wait 5 ° 25/2

4th Open game normally



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